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Mariam Haddad

Houston, TX, USA

An entrepreneurial executive, Mariam Haddad is sought after by leaders and their management teams to unleash the fullest potential of organizations, people, and products through purpose, leadership transformation, and strategic communication.

Mariam spent the last 15 years advising, coaching, consulting, training, and mentoring global executive leaders, senior management, SMEs, rising talent, and entrepreneurs across Energy, Technology, and Medical Sectors. She has coached over 150 leaders with over 1,000 coaching sessions; trained over 14,000 leaders; designed, managed, and delivered over 40 successful consulting engagements; and, developed and delivered 400 workshops and numerous courses with 180+ hours of original content proven to global audiences from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

With a focus on establishing internal and external alignment, Mariam transforms and empowers leaders to guide their people, teams, and organizations from “Purpose Principles” to a “Purpose-Driven Workforce” bringing inclusivity to inclusion, effectiveness and efficiency to transformation, and curation to culture. She has a proven ability to facilitate the abstract with visionary plans of trailblazing executive leaders into clear, compelling, and effective communication resulting in connection, understanding, alignment, buy-in, belief, and natural advocacy with key stakeholders including boards, the executive team, the organization, and the external marketplace.

Mariam is a passionate storyteller with a savvy, strategic, creative, and astute business mind, evidenced by being the chief architect and designer of the executive story. Results include achievement of inspiration, excitement, engagement, and amplified results that are long-lasting both within the organization and externally in the marketplace.

Mariam gives back to the community through artistic programming designed to: create awareness of global and local community issues; close social distance gaps; and, bring worlds together to solve complex problems. She is also a seasoned classical musician and performer who trained with globally renowned artists; performed programs, recitals, operas, and events as both a classical pianist and opera singer, nationally and internationally on stage, television, and radio. Mariam sings in 9 different languages and has extensively studied the speech and diction of major languages including English, Spanish, Latin, Arabic, German, French, and Italian. She is also currently studying Greek.

Mariam is a featured speaker for Electrify Houston, TEDx Houston, The Diversity Summit, Women’s Day, SASE, The Business Maker’s Show, Boeing, NASA, SASE, Shell, BP, Chevron, Sinopec, The Asian Chamber of Commerce, Asia Voice Radio, Asia Society Center, The University of Houston Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, and many other Fortune 500 Companies like BP, Chevron, Shell, Technip FMC, Dr. Pepper, DFK International, BGP, Sinopec, Murphy Oil, etc.


  • In-depth, self-funded, intensive private studies and coaching with global subject matter experts on performance, communication, leadership, business, finance, entrepreneurship, lean product development, purpose / brand / marketing / sales, social and emotional learning, singing / speech pathology, cognitive therapy, psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and wellness.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Piano Performance

Practice Areas

  • Behavioral Change
  • Business Development & Sales
  • Change Management
  • Collaborative Practices
  • Communication Delivery
  • Creative Content Development
  • Culture Transformation
  • DEI
  • Executive Coaching
  • Ideation
  • Learning & Development
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Purpose
  • PR, Narrative Creation & Storytelling
  • Project Management
  • Public Speaking Improvement
  • Self-Expression
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategic Communications
  • Strategy

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