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Dawn Bryan

Chicago, IL

Dawn has 25 years of global work experience in Europe, Asia, and the Horn of Africa. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the task of enabling people to lead skillfully and thrive personally in culturally diverse settings. She loves helping both individuals and teams not only to understand and appreciate one another but also to harness their diversity for greater creativity and productivity.

A skilled coach and facilitator, Dawn's warm and engaging style come through when interacting with individuals, leading small group sessions, or speaking to large groups. Dawn's gift for deep listening, cultural agility and experience in effective resolution
practices help her surface core issues, forge practical solutions to real problems, and create trust.

Dawn’s expertise includes leading culturally diverse groups, increasing intercultural and emotional intelligence, building trust in times of change, managing cross-cultural transitions, improving intercultural communication, and helping organizations and individuals assess their cultural dynamics and bridge divides that affect business. Dawn's clients include government agencies, embassies, NGOs, corporations, and nonprofit

Prior to coaching and consulting, Dawn worked in international schools as an educator, a VP of People, and in school leadership. Her career highlights also include founding a group for expat women called Broads Abroad Addis Ababa and her current position as the President of Families in Global Transition. In addition to a BA in Education, Dawn holds accreditations in facilitation, a certificate in Global Leadership and Organizational Coaching, and an MA in Global Affairs.

Now based out of Chicago, Dawn loves helping people successfully manage transitions, navigate cultural complexity, thrive in international settings and work in diverse teams.


  • Masters of Global Affairs, University of Denver
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education, Trinity International University

Practice Areas

  • Global Diversity Consulting
  • Communication Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution & Team Intervention
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Onboarding and International Transitions
  • Executive Team Coaching & Development
  • Leadership Development

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