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Anne Mason-Powell, MSc, APECS

London, United Kingdom
ECC Executive Coach, Anne Mason-Powell, MSc, APECS

Anne Mason-Powell is a seasoned Leadership Coach and Organisation Development and Change Consultant. She has extensive experience, gained over two decades, of coaching leaders and executive teams, in the public and private sectors. She has lived and worked in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Her focus is on supporting leaders to optimise their contribution to delivering organisational goals, both at individual leadership level and at the level of participating in multiple global leadership teams, across boundaries, cultures, and geographies. She does this by supporting them to create high performance cultures, to build on their strengths and develop strategies to minimize factors that can derail senior individuals and teams. Anne uses an eclectic approach that draws on her background in applied psychology and in-depth understanding and experience of human dynamics with her passion for impactful, innovative and transparent leadership as the route to building alignment and commitment to shared goals across organizations.

Alongside her role in leadership development, Anne has held senior roles in HR and Organisation Development and Change, eight years’ experience as Chair of a community organization, and Board Trustee of a not-for-profit organisation - all of which have built her capacity for collaborative leadership, commitment to the participation of all key stakeholders and elimination of turf battles, a focus on operational excellence, and the critical role of governance and mutual accountability to drive sustainable success.

Anne has recently coached two top leadership teams as they seek to change the culture of leadership and make lasting improvements in the way that they work together. The first was a leadership team in the National Health Service; their challenge was to transform themselves from a group of high performing individual operators to an effective executive team working collaboratively across functional and organizational boundaries to deliver their common vision during a time of significant organizational change and severe financial constraints. The second was a company that needs to make significant changes to their strategic approach and to collaboratively shape their leadership culture in a way that can respond effectively to changes in their market and demand for services. In both teams, increasing an awareness of individual behavioural dispositions and their impact on team dynamics has been both rewarding and challenging for individual leaders and a critical underpinning to drive real and meaningful change.

Anne's typical areas for executive coaching include building self-awareness and awareness of others, leveraging networks for mutual benefit, influencing skills with peers, adopting a range of leadership styles to match team and individual needs, building confidence and capability in delegation and coaching direct reports to build a pipeline of future talent.

Clients include: The NHS, Carnall Farrar, Magna, Accenture, Deloitte, The Centre for Creative Leadership, BASF, and Boston Consulting Group.


  • APECS Accredited Coach and Coach Supervisor
  • Hogan Assessments
  • Leadership Trainer and Coach with the London Business School’s MBA program and The Centre for Creative Leadership
  • Wide range of psychometrics for leadership development


  • Master of Science in Applied Psychology, University of Surrey
  • Masters of Art in Arabic Studies, St Andrews University
  • Bachelor’s in Transactional Analysis Counseling, Middlesex University

Practice Areas

  • Collaboration Across Boundaries
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Meeting/Program Facilitation
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Team Coaching & Facilitation
  • Team Intervention

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