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  • 10 Quotes to Inspire Learning Leaders

    10 Quotes To Inspire Learning Leaders

    Oct 16 2015

    Executive Coaching Connections

    Great leaders have long understood that leadership and learning are inextricably linked – it’s hard to have one without the other. Today’s successful leaders are nimble learners – people who learn quickly, are open to the new and unfamiliar, and can find learning in all types of experiences. Whether your focus is developing learning leaders, teams, organizations (or all three!), here are 10 quotes to inspire your efforts.
  • Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

    Smart Strategies to Strengthen Team Learning

    Oct 1 2015

    Executive Coaching Connections

    Where does most of your learning take place today? With more work being accomplished through teams than ever before, you’re probably learning more than you realize in team settings. Team learning leverages some of the same elements that make teamwork both rewarding and challenging: synergy, collaboration, communication, and conflict. By enhancing and encouraging more team learning, you can create nimble learners and a stronger overall learning organization.
  • Unlocking Potential: Today’s Learning Organization

    Sep 24 2015

    Executive Coaching Connections

    In a few weeks, Chicago will host a citywide learning event aimed at unlocking potential. Chicago Ideas Week, now in its 5th year, will feature a cross-section of leaders and innovators, speaking on a wide range of topics – from the global economy to The C-Suite, Under Pressure. Unlocking potential in individuals, teams, and organizations, can be one of the most rewarding aspects of leadership. It’s also one that frequently involves learning.
  • Successful Leaders = Nimble Learners

    Jul 16 2020

    Executive Coaching Connections

    Our knowledge is in constant flux.

    -Samuel Arbesman


    Given recent economic and social upheavals, more emphasis than ever is being placed on adaptability, and obtaining the right information at the right time.