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Leadership Development

  • Building Relationship Equity In A Chaotic World

    Jul 24 2020

    Bill Koch, Forbes Councils Member, ECC Executive Partner

    Many business leaders are exhausted today. It feels like everyone is running on empty. You managed through the initial shock of the pandemic and made the necessary adjustments. Now it’s time to focus on your organization’s ability to weather future shocks, and relationship equity is a good place to start. [As written for and as published by Forbes (7/2), with author permission.]
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    In My Experience ... Boards Can Help Restore the Trust, Confidence, and Optimism of a Fragile Workforce

    Jun 3 2020

    Ann Vezina, ECC Executive Partner

    As many countries and U.S. states begin to re-open, companies are moving from crisis management to planning for their new reality. In making this pivot, they are faced with many critical challenges including how their boards and executive leadership can best navigate these unchartered waters to emerge stronger in terms of talent management and workforce engagement.
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    In My Experience … When Joining a Board, Early Preparation, Actions, and Behaviors Determine the Quality of Contributions

    Mar 12 2020

    Mitch Wienick, ECC Executive Partner

    Across today’s fast-paced, dynamic, interconnected business landscape, companies must be fast, nimble, and flexible to successfully deliver on their goals. The ability of a Board of Directors to work together effectively to provide the requisite guidance, expertise, frameworks, direction, and support that enable organizations to drive results is paramount. Once you’ve been appointed to a Board, what can you do to ensure your most effective contribution from the start? In my experience, it begins with early preparation, positive actions, and constructive behaviors.
  • Ann Vezina, In My Experience: Talent Retention Best Practices

    In My Experience … Engaging, Developing, and Inspiring Your Workforce is Key to Talent Retention

    Nov 14 2019

    Ann Vezina, ECC Executive Partner

    With record low unemployment, aging baby boomers entering retirement years, and the fast-paced deployment of new technologies leaving many with obsolete skills, the war for talent continues to intensify amidst one of the hottest job markets in decades. In fact, The Conference Board reports that 62% of CEOs – 3 out of every 5 – cite attraction and retention of top talent among their top 3 internal concerns. There are many actions leaders and businesses can take to have a greater impact on attracting, retaining and developing their talent pool. In my experience, it boils down to three key principles.
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    In My Experience … Visionary Innovation Requires Intention

    Sep 12 2019

    Kathryn Hayley, ECC Executive Partner

    In today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment, the challenge is no longer to simply sell a product or service, but to deliver a memorable and desired experience – for customers, partners, and clients. In creating or improving the customer experience, the goal is to create an intimacy with customers by delivering a remarkable, differentiated, total experience that will endear customers to the product, brand, company. Such a transformation requires visionary innovation - solutions to needs or problems that may currently not exist. And such visionary innovation requires intention.