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To complement our high-touch, relationship-based coaching and consulting, we've created a number of off-the-shelf products to support leaders throughout their career. Whether it’s full access to our Leadership Transitions Toolkit to support you in your new role, or a quick PDF download of one of our proprietary tools, we are here to help you around the clock.

Leadership Transitions Toolkit, Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

Leadership Transitions Toolkit

In order to Hit the Ground Running, taking time to think about how you want to approach your transition, is one of the most important actions you can take.

Take a deeper dive into topics like:

  • Mastering Transitions
  • Establishing Stakeholder Expectations
  • Creating & Driving a High-Performance Culture
Optimizing Leadership Toolkit, Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

Optimizing Leadership Toolkit

Leading At Your Best requires understanding more about you, those around you and your organization as a whole. 

Take a deeper dive into topics like:

  • Honing Your Leadership Style
  • Understanding the Business: Driving Strategic Success
  • Gaining Insight

ECC Introspection Guide

The ECC Introspection Guide is designed to:

  • build your awareness of your current mental models through the Excavation Exercises;
  • help you assess the impact of your current mental models and highlight those models to maintain vs. change through the Focusing Exercises; and
  • provide you with ideas on how to transform mental models that are getting in your way through the Reframing Exercise.
Team Effectiveness Toolkit, Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

Team Effectiveness Toolkit

Understanding how your team’s relationship management, work management and leadership processes influences its effectiveness is crucical. Facilitating constructive feedback, a positive culture and driving successful deliverables helps ensure everyone on your team is Playing on the Same Side.



Advancing Women Leaders Toolkit, Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

Advancing Women Leaders Toolkit

Increasing awareness of global perspectives on trends, issues and challenges facing women in leadership roles around the world can help Inspire Positive Change throughout an organization. This awareness helps bring into focus unconscious bias and ways women leaders can make inroads in organizations. 



Virtual Leadership Toolkit, Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

Virtual Leadership Toolkit

If your team is spread across zip-codes, countries and/or cultures, you know leading virtually is very different from leading a co-located team. Teams can Overcome The Distance by understanding how virtual communication impacts collaboration, decision making, and building trust.