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Learn together. Grow together. Win together.

Successful team development requires cohesion among individuals and shared ownership of a company’s vision. When a group can accomplish both, business results follow. 

ECC coaches have experience guiding teams of all sizes. Whether you’ve worked together for years or are just joining forces, we can transform existing individual strengths into a driven, effective team.

Excel as individuals and as a team.

ECC combines individual coaching with team development to create a well-connected internal structure. With strategic workshops and one-on-one consultation, we help you build the skills that unite your team around a shared focus. And that work leads to powerful, long-term results.

  • Drive alignment
  • Clarify expectations to optimize effectiveness
  • Re-energize an under-performing team and overcome team roadblocks


Achieve productive team interaction.

Our coaches draw on first-hand experience to create a supportive environment for team discussions. By applying an objective and goal-oriented mindset, we facilitate thoughtful, tactical discussions—engaging individuals as a team and ensuring peak future performance.

  • Secure organic inclusion among team members
  • Promote ownership and clarity of message
  • Improve team decision-making capabilities


Hit the ground running. 

Establishing a healthy structure for a new team makes you more effective instantly, and helps to prevent unnecessary future conflicts. ECC coaches understand what it takes to solidify a team foundation quickly, always with an eye toward ongoing business results. 

  • Align around shared purpose to support existing infrastructure
  • Verify understanding of core principles
  • Equip new teams for lasting success


Let ECC help. 

ECC provides customized, team skill-building techniques and tools including:

  • Team Coaching
  • Team Facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution & Team Intervention
  • New Team Startup