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ECC Solutions

Business thrives when its people do.

Our methodologies prove that unleashing human potential leads to results.


At the core of our work, we create a safe haven for client communication.  This enables us to listen for insights that enhance leadership, clarify direction and bolster organizational effectiveness.  It's a holistic approach that inspires the transformation necessary to rewire autopilot behaviors in order to lift leaders to higher levels of performance and success.  

Our integrated and customized services help address the specific needs of your leaders, teams and organizations.  Our solutions are insightful, progressive and break new ground to get the answers you need, no matter what the challenge.

Coaching Solutions

Tools and solutions to help new executive onboarding or maximizing the effectiveness of current leaders. 

Organizational Effectiveness

Customized techniques for increasing the focus and overall effectiveness of an organization’s internal structure.

Team Development

Skill-building workshops engineered to re-energize teams by clarifying roles, aligning expectations and enhancing team effectiveness.

Communication Solutions

Supporting leaders to become better decision makers, poised under pressure and communicative will help drive business results and build a more resilient organization.