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Customized techniques for increasing focus and impact.

Business Consulting

Helps leaders assess the state of the business — financial, competitive, internal processes, communication, etc. — to build and create strategies to move the business forward.

Change Management

Designs processes to facilitate employee engagement for major change efforts within the organization.

Communication Consulting

Clarifies key messages and communication strategies to drive stakeholder acceptance of business strategies and action. May support change efforts and executive communication needs. Also helps strengthen business presentation and interpersonal communication skills.

Leadership Development and High Potential Programs

Creates leadership strategies, design or select development programs, systems and processes to build leadership talent and/or organizational capabilities, including succession planning and action learning.

Meeting and Program Facilitation

Facilitation for large and small groups, especially where key leaders need to be active participants rather than meeting facilitators.

Visioning & Strategic Planning

Collaborates with leaders and their leadership teams to build the corporate vision and strategic plan to achieve the business results you want.


Identifies systems, programs, and processes requiring alignment, and recommend solutions to achieve necessary results.

HR Consulting/Reengineering

Assists HR in identifying critical capabilities, current performance levels, and methods to enhance functional performance and service.

Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Facilitates integration support for business and HR components.