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Improve focus. Amplify impact.

At ECC, we have the flexibility to address everything from individual coaching to company-wide development. This allows us to work one-on-one with key leaders and expand those learnings to achieve broad business results.

Assess where you are and where you want to go.

Partnering with leaders and leadership teams, ECC helps evaluate the state of your business and identify your future goals. Through this same collaborative process, we support the creation of focused strategies that bridge this gap—simultaneously strengthening stakeholder communication skills.

  • Clarify your corporate vision and key messages
  • Formulate a strategic plan to move business forward
  • Ensure company-wide alignment 


Turn change into opportunity.

Change can mean many things: from a specific process that’s in need of realignment, to broader internal repositioning, to integration following a major transition or acquisition. Regardless of the need, ECC can guide you through the uncertainties and keep you focused on results.

  • Refocus ineffective programs around your organizational goals
  • Engage employees during major change efforts


Let ECC help. 

ECC provides customized techniques and tools for increasing organizational focus and impact including:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Culture Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Business Consulting
  • Communications Consulting
  • Meeting & Program Facilitation
  • Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • M&A Integration
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging