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When Leaders Succeed, Organizations Thrive.

Today’s business climate is defined by rapid and accelerating change. Organizations need to deliver results at the highest possible level. And success starts with effective leadership.

Leadership Acceleration

Increased responsibility means heightened expectations. Leaders preparing for the next level of leadership explore competencies and potential shifts in their leadership styles. We are here to help you equip leaders for their next role and get standout results today.

Leadership Development

ECC has designed an executive coaching process to help leaders excel in their current roles. Through introspection, stakeholder feedback, development planning, ongoing coaching support and progress measurement, ECC helps leaders focus on what will make the biggest difference in their leadership.

High Potential Programs

Identifying key leadership talent and providing support to ensure readiness is critical to seamless transitions and success for the organization. ECC creates leadership strategies, designs or selects development programs, systems, and processes to build leadership talent, including succession planning and action learning. 

Leadership Presence and Communication

Executive Presence is something we all strive for, yet how do we accomplish it? Understanding cultures, styles, and the ability to be perceptive and confident are key to leadership. Add to that the need to communicate to global teams through a wide array of tools - practically 24/7, complicates the challenge. Unfortunately, most leaders don’t invest in or cultivate these critical skills.

Investing in leaders to become better decision-makers, poised under pressure and communicative, will help drive business results and build a more resilient organization, which is why we offer 5 courses that hone Leadership Presence & Communication.

Communications Coaching

Know your audience and refine how you communicate to influence stakeholders across all media touch points.

Executive Presence Coaching

Your reputation walks through the door before you do. Be sought after for your ability to solve problems, inspire teams, and influence results.

Presenting With Impact Coaching

Learn how to create dynamic presentations that captivate, influence, and inspire your audience to follow your lead.

Effective Workplace Communication Workshop

Turn conversation into collaboration that results in improved relationships and outcomes.

Influencing Others Workshop

Hone your relationship-building and decision-making skills to increase your influence and impact on the organization.