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As a premier provider of executive-level leadership services for 20 years, ECC now offers specialized, confidential mentor and advisory support - designed exclusively for C-Suite executives and executive candidates, led by proven C-Suite executives.


The ECC Executive Partner difference.

Executive Coaching Connections (ECC) combines the power of mentorship and coaching. Leaders are provided the opportunity to cultivate and enhance their leadership style while simultaneously accelerating their responsiveness to real-time business challenges and opportunities.

Trusted Confidants

An ECC Executive Partnership is an ongoing, trusted relationship, providing specialized, real-time support in a safe, confidential environment to help accelerate success.

Proven Leaders

ECC Executive Partners are global, industry leaders and Board members with diverse and accomplished backgrounds who have all excelled in high-powered, complex, CEO and top executive positions. They are confidants and thinking partners who know first-hand what it takes to lead more effectively, inspire organizations, and build successful businesses.

Meet our ECC Executive Partners



Backed by the power of ECC.

ECC is a highly respected, global people and organizational development advisory firm that has supported the biggest companies, public, private, and family-owned, and their most senior executives for 20 years. In addition to ECC Executive Partners, Leaders to Leaders, ECC offers an extensive and proven portfolio of executive leadership services and industry-recognized leadership tools.


The right Executive Partner match. A supportive, results-oriented structure.

From intense support through transformational change, to an occasional sounding board, all ECC Executive Partner engagements are tailored to meet the specific needs of the executive with flexibility to evolve as needed over the course of the partnership.



1. Partner Match

ECC works collaboratively with each client from the start to ensure a match that best fits the executive's personality, their leadership and learning style, and the business challenges they face. Opportunity for mutual selection is critical as clients are actively involved in both the screening and selection process.

2. Frame the Agenda

The ECC Executive Partner works directly with the executive to clarify objectives, personal and business success criteria, and areas of focus; set priorities; evaluate alternative approaches; and, frame the Engagement Agenda.

3. Engagement

The ECC Executive Partner provides confidential mentor and advisory support, including monthly meetings, ongoing, direct access, business diagnostic, and stakeholder interviews. The ECC Executive Partner may also leverage the capabilities of ECC, including coaching for leadership development, strategic alignment, culture change, organizational effectiveness, and team coaching/development.

4. Measure Impact

Progress is monitored at key anchor points with adjustments made as needed. Success criteria are measured and reviewed at designated time point(s) as set in the Agenda.