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Accelerate your influence.

We believe that business thrives when its people do. So we design our coaching engagements around each individual, helping leaders refine their existing strengths and build additional critical skills—from executive presence to improved communication abilities. The result is increased impact, better stewardship of company messaging, and a demonstrated ability to inspire.

Dive deeper into your role.

Excelling in your current position is the first step to ongoing advancement. We help you assess where you stand, formulate future goals, and identify the greatest areas of opportunity for making an impact.

  • Receive 360-degree feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports
  • Engage in focused development planning
  • Receive actionable and personalized progress measurement


Prepare for a new level.

Increased responsibility comes with heightened expectations. Our team of coaches understands the demands that are placed on executives. And we provide the proven, thoughtful guidance and insights that ensure your success. 

  • Enhance your self-awareness
  • Explore individual competencies and shifts in leadership style
  • Build on existing communication skills and executive presence


Make the transition with confidence.

The onboarding period can be an important springboard. ECC coaches can help you acclimate to your new role quickly and confidently—preparing you to make a company-wide impact.

  • Achieve peak performance with principles-driven coaching
  • Learn to develop and internalize a culture
  • Add immediate value by internalizing the attributes that matter most.


Dive deeper into a critical skill.

If you have a more focused goal, we can deliver specialty coaching to address that precise need. We’ve identified key areas based on client feedback, and our team is always ready to customize the offering as desired.

  • Conflict Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Persuasive Presentations