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ECC New Offerings for COVID-19, Available April - June 2020

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ECC is here to support you during this time with 2 new offerings

The current state of disruption and challenge requires additional support for strengthened decision-making.

It’s increasingly clear that the COVID-19 pandemic impacts nearly all business operations. Leaders are reacting to day-to-day disruptions hitting them from multiple angles. Speed is of the essence, stress is high, decision quality is paramount, and failure is not an option. ECC offers two new virtual programs to provide immediate support.

ECC Situational Executive Coaching

For leaders at Vice President levels and above. While coaching normally involves a formal process with multiple steps, the current heath and economic crisis requires quick and focused coach access so leaders have a safe space to rethink, reframe, and rejuvenate while discussing team and organizational challenges as well as those they may be facing personally during this time. 90-minute, virtual coaching sessions give leaders an opportunity to think through a situation from all angles, unlock their leadership potential, and optimize their overall performance.

ECC’s world class coaches have held senior leadership positions in corporations, are trained and certified in executive coaching, have practiced coaching a minimum of five years, and have global experience.

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For more details, contact Kathleen Dewey, ECC Director of Operations at [email protected]


ECC Leader-to-Leader Situational Sounding Board

For C-Suite Leaders who are facing disruptions from multiple angles including health and safety of employees, fluctuating supply chains, rapid shifts in customer demand, changing technology requirements, and evolving regulatory matters. Such disruptions will impact business sustainability in the short to mid-term, and many will have lasting impact.

It may be helpful for C-Suite Leaders to leverage the insights, advice, and experience of former C-Suite Leaders and Corporate Board Members who have sat in the chair and successfully navigated similar waters. ECC Executive Partners provide a safe and unbiased sounding board for C-Suite leaders to vet a decision; obtain real-time input on an idea, strategy or dilemma; or simply to talk with someone who has no agenda and who uniquely understands the requirements of leadership during disruptive and uncertain times.

This offering is available in two formats - an individual, one-on-one, virtual session with one C-Suite leader and one ECC Executive Partner; and a group virtual session, where up to four members of your team may quickly tackle a disruption or vet an idea with two ECC Executive Partners.

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For more details, contact Kathy Green, ECC Managing Partner at [email protected]