Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

Think about the people you turn to in times of crisis.     

Do you turn to people with whom you can be honest and vulnerable? Who listen without judging you? People who have your back? 

If that’s the case, you are fortunate to have authentic relationships. 

Authentic relationships are ones where we can be ourselves – without pretense or judgment. They give us space to share our successes and challenges, and provide support when we need it most.

According to ECC Global Affiliate and author, Karsten Drath, authentic relationships are one of The 7 Spheres of Resilience. Karsten defines resilience as “…the capacity of individuals to cope with the pressures to perform, changes and crises, whilst continuing to be capable of action and even coming out stronger than before.”

To build your resilience:

  • Invest in your authentic relationships.
  • Give yourself permission to be vulnerable; reach out when you need support.
  • Be someone with whom others can be themselves. 

If you want be a more resilient leader, strengthen your authentic relationships. 

Want to learn more? Call +1.847.920.0190 to join ECC and Karsten Drath on May 14, 2015, when Karsten will discuss authentic relationships and the other six Spheres of Resilience