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Think about the last virtual meeting you attended.

Was the group fully engaged? Or, were some drifting off or doing email? How engaged did you feel?

Virtual meetings can be a challenge or an opportunity to accelerate team effectiveness.

Keith Ferrazzi’s recent HBR article How to Run a Great Virtual Meeting offers some useful suggestions for team leaders:

  • Form connections. When people feel connected, they trust more easily and can be candid with one another. Begin each meeting with a check-in. Ask people to take one minute to share what’s happening for them personally and workwise. As the leader, you go first, to model length and tone.
  • Move beyond report-outs. Send out short pre-reads on important agenda items instead. Use the time together to discuss questions and comments.
  • Ban multi-tasking. Use video, call on team members individually, and give people meeting tasks to help everyone stay engaged.

If you want to increase team engagement, use the tips above to enhance your next virtual meeting.

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