Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

How are things with you today? 

When you show up for an in-person meeting, you may automatically ask or be asked this question. It forms new connections and reinforces existing ones. But, what happens with virtual meetings? Does it get asked automatically then? 

Today more of us are working in virtual teams than ever before. We frequently work with people we may never meet in person, which can lead to a weaker sense of connection across a team. 

As recently referenced in Keith Ferrazzi’s HBR article How to Run a Great Virtual Meeting, when people feel connected, they trust more easily and can be candid with one another. 

Most leaders intuitively realize that trust is important to a team’s success, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. It happens one connection at a time. 

If you need to help people feel more connected, try this at your next meeting.

Ask people to take a minute to share what’s happening for them personally and workwise. As the leader, go first, so you can model the behavior. And then listen to what team members have to say. 

You might be surprised at what you learn and the connections that begin to form.