You’ve been asked to head a project team of successful leaders in your organization. The project needs a bit more research before there is clarity on the extent of the project. Everyone on your team also has their regular assignments to attend to besides this endeavor. What do you do?


You lead by example.


Give Respect. Everyone on the team has been pulled in because they are experts in their division, and as such, they come with a wealth of insight. Even during the busiest of weeks, when the team is over capacity, remember to lead with respect for the team’s expertise, time and attention. They’ll notice.

Goal In Mind. With a limited amount of time together, it is important to keep focus. Beginning each meeting with a clear agenda and ending with assigned next steps helps to ensure everyone is on the same page and efficiently working towards success.

Encourage Transparency. Hidden agendas and unshared details can really deter the team’s progress. If a deadline won’t be met or last quarter’s figures impact the project, the team should be alerted. Sharing information and facing obstacles as a team, improves trust and can manage expectations.

Work Differently, Together. As a group of individuals, who were brought together, it is important to remember everyone has a different style; from leading to communicating to thinking or processing new data. Openly sharing style preferences helps everyone work more efficiently and creates mindfulness around those inclinations.

Be Genuine. In teams, especially at work, there can be political values at play that can effect the group. If tension rises, provide avenues for useful feedback. No one wakes up in the morning hoping to disappoint others; giving useful feedback will increase self-awareness and likely will result in course correction.

Leading a group of highly motivated, exceedingly successful and particularly busy trailblazers is no easy task. But even in the zaniest of times, lead by example. Remember to focus on the relationship and clearly communicate.

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