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Maybe this sounds like your organization. 

You’re a few months into the new fiscal year. The previous year’s goals have been assessed and rewarded, and new goals are set. Now it’s time to get work on development planning. 

You’re preparing for a meeting with your highest performing employee, Brian, to discuss his development plan, and, frankly, you’re a little concerned.    

You’re not worried about Brian, but about your ability to continue to motivate and develop him, given continued cost constraints and his stated desire to continue to advance…quickly. 

What do you do?

Most leaders are pretty good at going through the mechanics of a development conversation, and you may be too. 

One aspect that’s often overlooked, however, is connecting development discussions to employee motivation.   

Before you meet with Brian, consider asking a few questions first (which you can send out ahead of time, or ask during the meeting):

  • What does career success look like to you?
  • What are your current career goals?  What ‘s important to you? 
  • Have these changed since the last time we talked?  If so, how and why?
  • How do you feel about your progress so far? 
  • What would you most like to accomplish in the year ahead? 

If you’re not used to asking these types of questions, you may preface the conversation by saying you’d like to take a step back from the development plan, to better understand Brian’s goals better. 

Don’t be surprised if the conversation leaves Brian (and you) more motivated and engaged. That’s the idea. 

It’s the power of connecting development with what matters most to people.