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“Resilience certainly has a lot to do with discipline, but also with self-awareness and reflection.”

– Karsten Drath




Roadblocks divert your journey.

How quickly you notice a roadblock has a direct impact on how smooth your reaction is; as does the type of vehicle you’re driving. Are you driving a motorcycle? Mini van? 18-wheeler?


The same is true when you’re leading a team.

Are you leading yourself? Small team? Division? How much advance notice do you need to smooth the aftermath of a roadblock?


Having a resilient team helps to ease the tension that “just-in-time” course corrections create. Here are three things you can do to build resilience in your team. 


Create an open culture.

It is essential to have an open culture. Creating a community that values thoughtful honesty and accountability, from the whole team, is not an easy task, but it can be done. By creating a safe environment for sharing ideas and watch-outs, the team can then benefit from the varied perspectives of the group and quickly shift gears.

This openness is the foundation for a team that trusts. 


Being a leader doesn’t mean being a critic.

It also doesn’t mean being everyone’s best friend. When a member of the team hits a roadblock, instead of degradation awaiting them, they should have a trusted and respected team who are keen to help them navigate the block and see them through to success.

Being a part of a trusting team has proven to generate enthusiasm, inspiration and drive; which will allow your role to expand from leader to mentor. 

This enthusiasm is the foundation for a team that innovates.


Reflect to learn.

Before the three projects you’re working on are done, four more are waiting to replace them. As a leader, slowing your team down enough to debrief, learn and reflect has incredible power. Sharpening the saw, as Stephen Covey famously wrote, creates an opportunity to preserve and enhance the greatest asset you have – people. Reflection can offer insights on skill strengths and opportunities, efficiency, and innovation.

This reflection is the foundation for a team that grows. 


Obstacles happen. Set backs happen. Failure happens.

How quickly your team course corrects largely depends on how resilient it is. 

Is your team ready?


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