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When people talk about your organization’s culture, they may pair it with words like collaborative, traditional, or even volatile. Sometimes this description is right in line with the desired culture, other times it seems that the culture has taken a turn in the opposite direction. 

Because all contributors within the team or organization feed directly into the culture, getting everyone on the same page is essential to creating, or sustaining, a positive and aligned environment; which has direct impact on efficiency and success. 

As Stephen Sadove describes in his NYTimes interview, “Culture drives innovation and whatever else you’re trying to drive within a company — innovation, execution, whatever it’s going to be. And that then drives results.”

To help influence the culture in your organization, you have to start with you.

By thoughtfully and consistently demonstrating the key skills and traits of the desired culture, you are strengthening the culture of your organization.


Does your organization value relationships?

If so, you can start and end meetings with group check-ins to enforce the priority of the relationship with the attendees.


Does your organization value responsibility/sustainability?

If so, adding recycle bins to workspaces, and then tracking how much plastic or paper your organization has saved from landfills encourages consciousness and awareness of the impact recycling has.


Does your organization value creativeness or innovation?

If so, creating opportunities for leaders to share their creativeness or innovation through open forums ensures everyone has a voice and a hand in finding a solution.


In our previous post, 8 Ways to Shape the Ultimate Culture,  we asked the question:  "When talking about culture and facilitating organizational alignment, which comes first for your organization [Values, Vision, Mission]? How might shifting your focus to Values first, change the conversations you’re having?"


By thinking through the application of culture in everyday tasks, you can help shape the culture of your organization, and by acting on these opportunities, you can create a ripple that moves the organization.  


What could you be doing to influence your culture?

If you or your team would like to take a deep dive into your culture, we’d welcome the opportunity to partner with you. Give us a call at +1.847.920.0190.  

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