A Crystal Servant Heart Award

It is no secret that senior living communities have been under an extraordinary amount of pressure recently. The leadership and staff have come to work each day knowing that it is up to them to keep a group of dearly loved seniors alive and well, and their employees healthy.

Brookdale Senior Living Inc. is one such organization, with 741 communities spread across the United States.

The leaders of Brookdale have been facing the challenge of maintaining a high level of excellence in their work while combating an unpredictable virus.

In order to assist 32 of Brookdale’s Executive Directors as they fight to serve and protect their communities to the extent possible, we reached out to our executive coaching community for volunteers to donate their time and expertise in complimentary coaching sessions.

We are extremely honored that Brookdale would allow us the privilege of supporting the wellbeing of its leadership during such a critical period, and we were touched by the responses we received from the Brookdale leadership.

One of Brookdale’s Executive Directors thanked her coach for “filling her cup” saying, “This was a game changing experience for me. I can’t tell you how meaningful it was to receive this support during this incredibly difficult time.”

As a result of this service, Executive Coaching Connections was awarded Brookdale’s Servant Heart Award for supporting their leaders during the pandemic. We are thankful for the opportunity to give back to the leaders of Brookdale, whose servant hearts already provide so much for our communities.

We would like to recognize our community of executive coaches for donating their time and effort. We are grateful to work with such phenomenal people. Brookdale’s Servant Heart Award belongs to them!

As we continue to travel this challenging road together, we wish you all good health and meaningful connections.

May we all lead well.

The original press release from Brookdale can be found here.