Executive Coaching Connections, LLC

Think of a time when you faced adversity at work or at home. 

How did you handle it?

Why do some people grow when confronted with adversity while others suffer? 

The answer is resilience, according to Karsten Drath, Global Affiliate of Executive Coaching Connections, Managing Partner at Leadership Choices and author of Resilience in Corporate Leadership. 

According to Drath, “Resilience describes the capacity of individuals to cope with the pressures to perform, changes and crises, whilst continuing to be capable of action and even coming out stronger than before.” 

The resilience built into our DNA, also known as our “raw resilience,” influences the degree to which we’re affected by stress. But, each of us has the ability to grow our resilience through what Drath calls the 7 Spheres of Resilience. These spheres include aspects we can control and strengthen – such as attitude, authentic relationships, and purpose. 

Want to increase your ability to grow through adversity?  Consider developing your resilience. 

If you or your team could use some help in this area, consider joining ECC on May 14, 2015 for a breakfast consortium featuring Karsten Drath. Karsten will share his personal story of resilience and the 7 Spheres of Resilience that help leaders and executives develop this important skill and foster it within their teams.