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Whether discussing women in leadership, resilience, or the Chicago Blackhawks’ quest for the Stanley Cup, our intention with each Discover Blog post this year has been to help you accelerate success, lead change, and drive results.


We’ve appreciated your retweets, likes, shares & comments, and are pleased to reprise our most popular posts of 2015, based on reader engagement.


Here they are. Enjoy catching up on anything you may have missed.


  1. 8 Ways to Shape an Ultimate Culture
    One of the hottest topics of the year has been culture. Inspired by Human Synergistics’ Ultimate Culture Conference in Chicago this fall, this post highlighted some of the latest thinking from pioneers like Edgar Schein to newer thought leaders like Mark Babbitt.

  2. No Office Required: Culture and Virtual Teams
    One of the organizations openly sharing about their culture journey is Buffer, a social media start-up that works through a completely virtual team. A Buffer Open post got us thinking about how to strengthen culture with virtual and global hybrid teams. The result was No Office Required.

  3. 9 Quotes: Inspire a Thriving Culture
    This post was part of ECC’s women in leadership series and included quotes related to the three key competencies that help women leaders thrive, according to research by McKinsey: resilience, confidence, and grit.

  4. Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius
    One of our most popular book reviews this year was for Erik Wahl’s 2013 book Unthink. Based on the idea that it’s possible to demonstrate artistry in any role, the book is a helpful resource for leaders who want to rediscover and leverage their creativity. The post also included a link to The Wahl Group’s ArtWork tool, which extends the concepts in the book to a self-assessment.

  5. 10 Quotes to Inspire Learning Leaders
    Nimble learning is a key leadership competency in every region of the world. This very “shareable” post included 10 quotes to inspire learning in individual leaders, teams, and organizations.


Thank you for being in conversation with us this year. We look forward to continuing to learn and grow together in 2016.


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