Rebecca Ray at a podium discusses AI, employee upskilling, and more

Part 2: The Future-Ready Organization

In this second part of a multi-part blog series, Rebecca Ray, Ph.D., of The Conference Board discusses what C-Suite executives perceive as the hallmarks of a successful, future-ready organization and what its specific characteristics will be.  To this data she adds her own wit and insightful commentary drawn from her extensive experience.



This presentation was originally delivered at Executive Coaching Connections' 2019 Global Learning Exchange.


Top Driver of Future Success

Rebecca begins by pointing out that the most significant driver of future success (at least in the minds of 41% of the CEO’s surveyed) is achieving the correct balance between providing short-term profits and properly investing in industry-changing technology that will affect future competitiveness.

On a related note, Rebecca describes a somewhat surprising finding from the study: the CEO’s tended to define sustainability as primarily a talent and customer experience issue, as opposed to an environmental impact issue.


Success Characteristics

Next, Rebecca discusses some of the key characteristics CEO’s perceive as being especially important to company’s success in 2025. These include:

  • Redefining work with agile, fluid teams as the foundation for accomplishing objectives (which will revolutionize how Human Resources functions)
  • Blurred internal and external boundaries

Then, she addresses how well CEO’s think their companies are doing in these areas, relative to how the companies are actually doing.


How the Role of CEO Will Change

Finally, Rebecca highlights how CEO’s believe their role will change over the next few years.


Series Summary

The series as a whole covers the following questions:

  • What are the hot button issues according to the C-Suite? That is, what are the external and internal points of concern for 2020?
  • What are the hallmarks of a successful, future-ready company?
  • What are the characteristics of a successful company in 2025?
  • How will work be redefined, how will the workforce be managed, and how will companies invest in their leadership?
  • How will executive coaching be involved in the development of future leaders?



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