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Successful Leaders = Nimble Learners

Jul 16 2020

Executive Coaching Connections

Our knowledge is in constant flux.

-Samuel Arbesman


Given recent economic and social upheavals, more emphasis than ever is being placed on adaptability, and obtaining the right information at the right time.

A Crystal Servant Heart Award

A Heartfelt Thank You

Jul 2 2020

Executive Coaching Connections

It is no secret that senior living communities have been under an extraordinary amount of pressure recently. The leadership and staff have come to work each day knowing that it is up to them to keep a group of dearly loved seniors alive and well, and their employees healthy.

Man on gray background pulling canvas to reveal bright sunshine

In My Experience ... Boards Can Help Restore the Trust, Confidence, and Optimism of a Fragile Workforce

Jun 3 2020

Ann Vezina, ECC Executive Partner

As many countries and U.S. states begin to re-open, companies are moving from crisis management to planning for their new reality. In making this pivot, they are faced with many critical challenges including how their boards and executive leadership can best navigate these unchartered waters to emerge stronger in terms of talent management and workforce engagement.

The Future of How Work Gets Done

May 18 2020

There are many internal and external challenges CEOs face every year that cause them great concern and 2020 is no different. However, they also must envision what their organization must look like in the future to adapt and excel. 

Total Rewards: Benefits, Pay, Work/Life, Learning and Development,

5 Ways To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Total Rewards Programs During a Crisis

Apr 13 2020

Your company’s Total Rewards program is a critical part of your corporate culture and a key driver of employee engagement and organizational performance. During a crisis, how should your Total Rewards plan be adjusted?