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A process that yields results.

We’re a global community of over 140 coaches and consultants who are dedicated to building great leaders, teams, and organizations.

Every member of our team has been where you’re sitting, allowing us to forge genuine connections and achieve truly valuable outcomes. Our people have been recognized as authors, top university faculty, thought leaders, skilled practitioners, and beyond - varied backgrounds that provide us with unparalleled range and perspective.

We understand that change in business is constant. But with the right support, you can capitalize on that transformation and maximize your potential for greatness.

We connect. We care. We get results.


The ECC difference.

When we begin an engagement, our first priority is to establish trust. We become an extension of your team and structure our offerings to fit within your culture. It’s an approach to partnership that offers so much more than competitor organizations. Our leadership is actively involved, ensuring a cohesive and strategic process—delivered with high-touch, nimble service for unmatched quality and value.

What ECC achieves.

As a leader, you got where you are today because of a remarkable skillset. ECC understands that. And we can help you harness that foundation and take strategic steps forward. The results are accelerated performance, improved effectiveness, and stronger influence. This is more than a promise. It’s backed by quantitative and qualitative data that demonstrates the impact of our services. ECC helps you lead change by getting out in front of it. And that directly translates to business success.


Our ECC values

This industry is a human experience. So who we are is just as important as what we offer. All members of the ECC global community genuinely care about our clients, treating each partnership as more than a set of numbers. We’re easy to work with and we keep our promises. Ultimately, our ideology is best represented in our name: we make connections. And that means something to us.

ECC offerings.

Organizations come in many sizes and types. Our community has the experience and flexibility to work with all of them, shifting our approach as needed based on your evolving needs. We begin with our proprietary eight-step process that drives toward established milestones. And we work with you to customize that offering in order to maximize your results. At ECC, we’re outcome oriented. So regardless of the length or involvement of our engagement, we will deliver the combination of services that’s right for you and that yields results.